Project: The Vancouver Project II

In the Making celebrates the process of creating art with diverse techniques in this three-dimensional art exhibition.

Pacific Northwest and Texas-based artists Ginger Geyer, Roger Feldman, Kathy Hastings, Nancy Rebal, Shannon Newby and Matthew Whitney collaborated during the second By/For residency hosted by Regent College in Vancouver, BC.

Project: The Vancouver Project

The Vancouver Project contemplates the beautiful, grotesque and sublime in this visual art exhibition.

Pacific Northwest-based artists Christen Mattix, Scott Kolbo, Scott Erickson, Matthew Whitney, Jeremy Mangan and Jen Grabarczyk created the collection during a two week art residency at Regent College in Vancouver, BC.

Project: Sweet Sacrifice

Sweet Sacrifice touches on the themes of lament, loss, slavery and freedom in worship songs created for Lent.

Seattle-based artists Molly McCue, Kurt Dyrhsen and Brian Moss collaborate with longtime Christian artist Michael Card on this project.

Donation: Countenance

Countenance is a series of abstract images created using Nihonga techniques. The layered crystalline pigment reflects and refracts light, dynamically changing the image.

New York-based Nihonga artist Makoto Fujimura donates several digital images in this project.

Donation: Hope for a Tree Cut Down

Hope for a Tree Cut Down is about something new beginning from very old roots, life from devastation, trust from cynicism, love out of fear and community from isolation.

Church of the Beloved members create a contemplative worship service by blending traditional Lutheran liturgy with modern instrumentation in this project.

Donation: Advent Poems

Using imagery from Biblical Advent texts, Micha Boyett has written a series of poems that invite us to contemplate the scandalous, soul-wrenching beauty of Christ's coming.

These poems were commissioned by John Knox Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA as part of their Advent worship experiences in December 2010.

Enables art in community.
By/For strengthens ties between artists through shared workspace, communal meals and group dialogue during multi-week residencies.

Encourages art patronage.
By/For provides a conduit for churches and other faith-based groups to support artists through project patronage and hosting the art and artists in their community during an extended art tour.

Extends art accessibility.
The digital artifacts of By/For projects are licensed by the artists under Creative Commons and made available on this site, allowing the art to be readily accessible worldwide.

Experiments with new artistic ecosystems.
By/For project structure, schedule, costs and results are transparently documented and disseminated on this site, to encourage others to create new, sustainable arts ecosystems in their community.