The By/For Project

By/For Project: The Vancouver Project II: In the Making

In the Making celebrates the process of creating art with diverse techniques in this three-dimensional art exhibition.

Pacific Northwest and Texas-based artists Ginger Geyer, Roger Feldman, Kathy Hastings, Nancy Rebal, Shannon Newby and Matthew Whitney collaborated during the second By/For residency hosted by Regent College in Vancouver, BC.

Other By/For Projects: The Vancouver Project and Sweet Sacrifice

Church Donation: Advent Poems

Using imagery from Advent texts in Matthew, Luke and Revelation, Micha Boyett has written a series of poems that invite us to contemplate the scandalous, soul-wrenching beauty of Christ's coming.

These poems were commissioned by John Knox Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA as part of their Advent worship experiences in December 2010.

Other Church Donations: Hope For a Tree Cut Down

Artist Donation: Countenance

Countenance is a series of abstract images created using Nihonga techniques. The layered crystalline pigment reflects and refracts light, dynamically changing the color and texture of the work.

New York-based Nihonga artist Makoto Fujimura donates several digital images in this project.

Enables art in community.
By/For strengthens ties between artists through shared workspace, communal meals and group dialogue during multi-week residencies.

Encourages art patronage.
By/For provides a conduit for churches and other faith-based groups to support artists through project patronage and hosting the art and artists in their community during an extended art tour.

Extends art accessibility.
The digital artifacts of By/For projects are licensed by the artists under Creative Commons and made available on this site, allowing the art to be readily accessible worldwide.

Experiments with new artistic ecosystems.
By/For project structure, schedule, costs and results are transparently documented and disseminated on this site, to encourage others to create new, sustainable arts ecosystems in their community.