Song: A Better Freedom

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A Better Freedom

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A Better Freedom

Christ revealed Himself to me

Enslaved my soul to set me free

I was bound to at Him at Calvary

And found a better freedom

That Soul who suffered in the dark

Has purchased and unchained my heart

A shining slavery did impart

To find a better freedom

A better freedom can't be found

By those unwilling to be bound

A better freedom is not known

By those whose hearts will not be owned

But those who follow find a better freedom

(Come with Him and find a better freedom)

(Follow me and find a better freedom)

We never can be truly free

Till we're bound to this community

The Incarnation lets us see

A path to better freedom

A slave to sin, my heart before

Was bolted like a prison door

But in slavery to the Risen Lord

I found a better freedom