Project: The Vancouver Project II: In the Making

Art: The Vancouver Project II

The artists have generously donated digital images of their work under a creative commons license. Please feel free to download, project, edit and adapt these images.

Roger Feldman

Freed Series
Freed Maquettes
Freed: Breakthrough
Freedom Wind
Freed: Conduit

Ginger Geyer

Return to Sender
In the Making

Kathy Hastings

Crossings Series: Three Crosses
the burden the release
the end the beginning
the making the maker
the me the you
the forsaken the found
the journey the destination
the longing the love

Shannon Newby

Seven Chairs from Community
Community: Lessons from the Hive

Nancy Rebal

The Six of Us...
Stations I
Stations II
The Whiting
Church Inversion
Knoll Inversion
Earth Inversion
How to See the World Like an Artist

Matthew Whitney

Pleasure, Bought with Pains, Hurts
The Wolf and the Crane
The Farmer and the Snake