Song: Broken


"I cannot think of much to say about this song except that it is often my favorite of the Henri Nouwen songs we wrote. It encourages me when I want to hide or run, to stay and wait and trust. 'I never realized broken glass could shine so brightly' is one of my favorite lines on the album."

- Tara Ward



You are broken, I am broken, everyone is broken

You are broken, I am broken, intimately broken

Stay, there is peace beyond anguish

life beyond death, love beyond fear

and we all have to suffer to enter our glory.

Bless, bless and do not curse.

Pull brokenness far from the shadow of curse

put it under the light of the blessing.

Praise, praise to you Lord

for I never realized

broken glass could shine so brightly.



Henri Nouwen


Tara Ward

Lead Vocal

Julie Fridenmaker

Background Vocal

Kristen Lysen


Kristen Lysen

Acoustic Guitar and Bass

Ken Lysen


Lacey Brown


Sallie Keena

Andrea Nollau

Ryan Marsh

Tara Ward

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