Song: Come and See

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Come and See

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Come and See

Come and see, follow me

Back to the place where He's staying

He'll not mind, for there you will find

All that your faith has been waiting

Come see the Way and the Truth and the Life

Come see the Light that is living

Come now and see how the Truth sets you free

For a lifetime of loving and giving

Come and see, follow me

On a road where believing is seeing

There's work to do and words of truth

To find in your heart for the speaking

Come see the Servant who's also a King

See how He kneels by the table

Come now and see how abundant and free

To become the slave of the Savior

Come and see, (come) follow me

To a garden He's watered with weeping

Though shadows cling the angels will sing

Of the promise He's painfully keeping

Come see a hill that is shaped like a skull

See on the cross He is reeling

He will provide from the wound in His side

Both water and blood for our healing