Song: Father's Love is Deep and Wide

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Father's Love is Deep and Wide

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Father's Love is Deep and Wide

The Father's love is deep and wide

For the Son and for His Bride

And His grace has been outpoured

Through the passion of our Lord

Down the road and up the hill

Letting go if His own will

For the sake of all the lost

Grace not cheap, but with a cost

The truth of God, was tested, tried

Flesh was torn, they pierced his side

Through the crown his blood did flow

Going where we could not go

Savior God, the wounded King

Sings the song we cannot sing

Adam died, but Christ now lives

We have sinned still He forgives

The Savior calls our souls to bend

Not to our will but to his end

And while his grace does satisfy

He bids us come, to come and die

The table stained with truth and grace

The chalice poured and set in place

Hold the cup and lift it high

Now drink with me, we go to die

Not by our life, not by our death

Not by the words we fill with breath

Not by the works our hands have done

Not through our daughters or our sons

Not by the treasure that we give

Do we gain the right to live

The only way we will know life

Is through the one named Jesus Christ



Brian Moss


Brian Moss


Brian Moss


Michael Card


Jeff Taylor


Jeff Taylor


Kate Card

Patroned by

Bethany Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue

John Knox Presbyterian Church

Produced by

Michael Card Music

Recorded, Engineered and Mastered by

Keith Compton at Mole End Studio

Derived from

Golden Countenance by Makoto Fujimura

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.