Song: Sweet Sacrifice

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Sweet Sacrifice

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Sweet Sacrifice

Hardened souls I bid you sing of your Maker's wondrous plan

And of your Saviors suffering; the gift of Mercy's hand.

Jesus, Lamb of God

Hosanna, our Savior reigns

Blessed is the one who came to free the slave

Hosanna, the Giver of Life

Blessed is our Savior King and His sweet sacrifice

Hear you deaf and speak you dumb of your Father's healing touch

Leap you lame and feel you numb for your promised gift of love

Jesus, Lord of all


Giver of rest to the weary,

Giver of hope and of peace

Giver of light to the darkest places

He died to bring death to it's knees


Hardened souls fall to your knees and bless His holy name.

Sing for joy of life anew and His life our saving grace.



Kurt Dyrhsen


Kurt Dyrhsen


Brian Moss

Kurt Dyrhsen

Michael Card

Molly McCue


Kurt Dyrhsen


Jeff Taylor


Jeff Taylor


Steve Miksell


Joey Sanchez

Patroned by

Bethany Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue

John Knox Presbyterian Church

Produced by

Michael Card Music

Recorded, Engineered and Mastered by

Keith Compton at Mole End Studio

Derived from

Golden Countenance by Makoto Fujimura

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.